About Us

Sutter Metals Trailer

The Sutter Metals company opened its doors in 2009 as Lacey Auto Recycling and was solely a vendor oused auto parts. Since then,the Sutter Metals family has grown from the ground up through local support and thus has evolved its services to respond to the local demand for salvaging various used metal material. 

Chad Sutter is the owner and operator of the Sutter Metals company.  His roots are grounded in Olympia soil as he was born and raised within the historical city.  His passion for local service survives the commercial legacy of his father Ed Doench who was the long-time owner of Nisqually Auto Wrecking which sold used auto parts.  Through his personal commitment to community service, Chad envisions a company that will continue to grow with the local community and provide a tailored service of satisfaction which supports a sustainable and profitable approach to recycling